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Welcome to Relocation to Canada – Your Trusted Partner for Making Canada Your New Home! 

At Relocation to Canada, we specialize in helping people from around the world move to Canada in the easiest and most efficient way. Our clients love the services we provide, as you can see from their reviews. We’re committed to continuously improving and ensure the best experience for every client and their family.

Discover our reviews and testimonials below and join us on the exciting journey to make Canada your new home!

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Silvano Monaldo

Cybersecurity Manager

“I worked for years as an IT technician in a school, but I didn’t feel fulfilled because when I graduated in computer engineering, I envisioned a different career. Tired of living a life far from my ambitions, I came across an advertisement for Relocation to Canada. They explained how Canada encourages the entry of qualified foreign workers. I thought to myself, ‘Why not?’ and immediately contacted the agency. A very kind consultant answered all my questions, and in the end, I took the big step.

I was advised to immigrate through a work permit, and honestly, I didn’t even know where to start. So, I completely trusted them. They guided me step by step through the Canadian immigration process, and when they informed me that my application was accepted, I couldn’t believe it. Mine is a success story. Now, I am the Cybersecurity Manager at a major company in Ottawa, and this year, I finally bought a house. I feel that Canada is the place where I want to live. I owe everything to Relocation to Canada.”

Gabriela Jurković


“I was born in Albania, but I have lived most of my life in Parma, Italy. Life as a foreigner in Italy was not easy for me. I always felt like I didn’t quite fit in. One day, a friend of mine told me that she had applied to move to Canada. I immediately became intrigued and she gave me the contact information for Relocation to Canada. I was skeptical about whether I would meet the requirements to become a Canadian citizen.

I didn’t speak English well because in my school, we always studied Italian and French. However, the consultant reassured me that they would create a customized immigration plan for me. They submitted my candidacy for numerous job opportunities. I was afraid for the interview, but to my surprise, I conducted it in French and in the end, I secured a position as a secretary in an import/export company in Montreal. When the Canadian government accepted my immigration application, it felt like a dream come true. Even now, after living here for two years, it still feels like a dream. Thank you, Relocation to Canada!”

Sayid Abaalom

Specialized Mechanic

“When I was young, my parents sent me to Italy with an uncle to give me a chance for a better life. When I was 16, my uncle found me a job at a workshop, and I realized I had a talent for mechanics. I always enjoyed dismantling and reassembling engines, but the pay was never very high. I started looking for a job that would pay me better, and that’s when I discovered that in Canada, I could pursue my dream job and receive a great salary.

I called Relocation to Canada because I had heard they were the best immigration agency. Now I can confirm it myself because they helped me choose the work immigration pathway and found me a job as a specialized mechanic in an automobile factory in Ontario. Relocation to Canada has improved my life, and I am truly grateful to all the consultants who guided me through the immigration process.”

Sanait Kifle


Not a day goes by without someone asking me, ‘How did you manage to move to Canada?’ I’m always happy to answer: Relocation to Canada. The team that supported me was wonderful. I was studying nursing in Italy, but my dream had always been to live overseas. I asked one of my professors if there was a possibility to complete my studies abroad, and he advised me to apply for Canada. I had never considered Canada as a future destination in my life, but I decided to gather more information, and a whole new world opened up to me. It is one of the safest countries in the world, with a strong economy and a multicultural society.

I come from Ivory Coast, and this aspect was crucial for me in making the decision to move. I was inundated with information on how to verify the requirements, choose the immigration program, fill out the application, and pay the various fees, but it was all too complicated, and I didn’t want to risk making any mistakes. So, I chose to seek help from Relocation to Canada, and if it weren’t for them, I wouldn’t be the head nurse at North York Hospital today. I always say that they did practically everything for me. They lifted a heavy burden off my shoulders, and the move was easier than I expected. I will never tire of recommending Relocation to Canada!