Immigration Opportunities

Immigration opportunities for all who wish to live the Canadian life.

The Canadian Government offers a diverse selection of immigration programs for candidates to choose from.

Immigration programs are important for the Government, as this is a way to ensure that each candidate who submits an application meets the requirements of each Canadian industry or province they choose. 

With over 300,000 immigrants who enter Canada per year, each of these candidates must choose the right program for them to successfully move to Canada.

Immigration Programs

Provincial Nominee Program

Immigration to the specific province for workers with skills, education, and work experience.

Federal Immigration Program

Combination of programs for skilled workers who can choose a province to live and work. 

Business-Class Programs

Include several programs, for example, self-employed program, business start-up permit program. 

Express Entry Immigration System

Online system for the application process and eligibility, language skills, education for skilled workers.

Quebec Skilled Worker Program

Immigration to Quebec permanently to work. The profile has to match language skills, age, etc. 

Family Sponsorship Program

Including 3 types: spousal sponsorship, dependent children, and parent program