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Last year industry analyzes elected Canada as the best destination to move to to see your dreams come true. 

It is therefore not surprising that the number of transfer applications is constantly growing every year.

The competition becomes tougher and what not everyone knows is that to go and live in Canada you have to take a fairly complicated bureaucratic path.

The Canadian government, in fact, carries out a careful selection of candidates who want to move to their homeland and has very specific criteria that must be met in order for the application to be successful.

This preliminary phase is very important, because in order to move to Canada it is necessary to invest time and money and therefore it is absolutely essential that the path be successful in order not to see the investment in vain.

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What do I need to do to move to Canada?

By reading the reviews of those who have managed to make their dream come true on the internet, you will certainly have noticed that almost all of the positive experiences have one thing in common: the assignment of one’s file to an immigration agency.

It is not mandatory to use help to submit your application and move to live in Canada. There are several options available to you:

If you are fluent in English, French and the Canadian legal system then this is the right option for you. Being aware of what is required by the government is the first step in obtaining a positive outcome, because only by submitting an impeccable application can your transfer materialize.

An immigration consultant is a professional who advises on your options for applying for immigration to Canada. It is very important, however, that it is a serious and qualified professional, in fact the Canadian government provides a specific license only to those who have the right qualifications and skills to best perform this role. 

An experienced immigration attorney can certainly provide accurate and timely legal information about immigration. Lawyers in this sector deal with hundreds of cases related to immigration on a daily basis, it can be very expensive to request the help of this professional to be followed in every bureaucratic step.

An immigration agency is a team of experts who analyze each application using various professionals in charge of each stage of the immigration process. A serious and reliable agency is one that has expert licensed consultants, sectoral lawyers and consultants at work.

Who to contact for help moving to Canada?

If we ask the thousands of people who manage to successfully conclude their immigration process every year, we will certainly obtain useful information to complete the transfer application with the same result.

It’s no secret that people who get help from experts have the best chances of getting a Canadian visa. 

The reviews of Relocation to Canada online are clear: choosing an immigration agency is the simplest, cheapest and most effective way to be able to move to Canada.

A small part of the immigrants to Canada from abroad have completed the transfer application independently, but unfortunately, as you can read for yourself, the time and the economic expenditure have been considerable.

This is due to the fact that applying to be able to live in Canada has a cost that is paid through a tax. Regardless of the positive or negative outcome of the request, this fee must be paid. In addition, the Canadian government takes months to process each request. If you were to get a negative response, you would have to start all over again, with a further waste of time and money.

Therefore, the importance of completing the transfer application effectively should not be underestimated. It’s not always easy, especially if you don’t have sector knowledge or if you don’t know Canada’s two official languages ​​perfectly: English and French.

For this reason, anyone who wants to have a better chance of getting a positive response from the Canadian government is asking for help from a team of experts. 

How to choose immigration experts?

Choosing the right people to help you relocate to Canada is crucial. On the web many claim to be immigration experts, only to discover that they are scammers, whose only goal is to extort your money.

You have to be very careful who you trust, because your future will depend on these people.

There are some tricks that allow you to evaluate the professionalism and reliability of those who work in the immigration sector:

The RCIC license

The Canadian government takes its immigration programs very seriously, which is why it entrusts competent professionals with the role of offering complete and reliable advice. Anyone who deals with immigration must possess the RCIC license, if it is an agency it is not essential that each member of the team has it, because each professional figure is in charge of different roles and therefore the required skills also differ. When dealing with an immigration agency or expert, ask for the license number and check its authenticity on the official RCIC website.

Clear and complete information

Choosing the right immigration program and completing the application form are already complicated processes to manage, so relying on someone who provides confusing and non-specific information will not help you.

A valid immigration consultancy must be able to remove all your doubts, providing you with clear and ascertained data.

Direct communication

Be wary of anyone who doesn’t provide a direct way to communicate. A serious and reliable immigration consultant must help you at every stage of your move, so it is necessary that they are easily available. Presumed professionals who don’t provide a phone number on their website generally won’t be contactable when you need them most. 

Before relying on experts, make sure there is good communication between you and your advisor. Generally, before being able to make use of a consultancy service, you should have had the opportunity to speak with the expert and be clear about what services he/she can offer you.

On-site presence

How could you ask for help moving to Canada if these experts aren’t right there?

The best consultants, or immigration agencies, have their offices in Canada. Having consultants on site will allow you to always have up-to-date information on Canadian policies and will guarantee you a secure and reliable footing for your cases.

Valid reviews

Last, but not least, a good consulting service must have good reviews. Good does not mean excellent, remember that perfection does not exist and therefore you should be wary of those who flaunt an impeccable rating. 

Searching online for honest experiences of those who have completed the immigration process is a great way to understand which professionals to rely on.

When it comes to immigration, it is easy to come across reviews from users who are dissatisfied with the outcome of their transfer application. It is normal that frustration for disappointment can lead to negative reviews, however it should be remembered that consultants can provide the best help in completing transfer applications flawlessly, but the outcome of the request cannot in any way depend on subjects third of the Canadian government.

Be absolutely wary of anyone who guarantees a 100% positive outcome of the immigration application.

Relocation to Canada Reviews: Is it a reliable agency?

If you have had the opportunity to talk to some immigrants in Canada or read about their experiences on the web, you will surely have heard several times about Relocation to Canada.

It is an agency that offers the best immigration services in Canada.

It is no coincidence that the percentage of satisfied users is very high. 

The team of experts follow the immigration process step by step, customizing the consultancy plan based on the needs and profile of the person using the service.

  • Presence on the territory of immigration experts
  • RCIC license
  • Direct communication with consultants
  • Support in the preparation of the documents required during the application phase
  • Completion of the application according to the criteria required by the Canadian government
  • Language courses to better prepare the candidate
  • Search for job vacancies suited to the candidate’s skills
  • Assistance for any doubts and questions relating to the transfer

Certainly we cannot guarantee 100% security of obtaining a visa from Canada, but for sure with Relocation to Canada the chances of failing are reduced to a minimum.

Are you still skeptical? All you have to do is speak directly with a consultant and remove all doubts!