The Best Canadian Province to Move To

Moving to Canada. Yes, But Where?

Many people have dreams of moving abroad. The prospects of a life away from where you’ve always lived are attractive, especially if your destination is Canada. The second largest country in the world, in fact, also holds the record of being the country with the best quality of life for immigrants.

Whether you want to study, work or join a loved one, Canada is an excellent choice for your future and the possibilities for realizing this project are many. Sometimes it happens that you really want to move somewhere, but it is precisely when the possibility becomes concrete that numerous doubts begin to arise.

One above all: I will move to Canada, but where? There are many Canadian provinces and each has its own characteristics and advantages. It won’t be hard to find a good one. Discover with us what will become your new home!

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What are the Canadian provinces?

Canada is divided into 10 provinces and 3 territories, based on the type of administration. The provinces are real federated states, while the territories depend on the central federal government.

Geographically, the territories occupy the extreme north of the country, therefore all that portion of the territories overlooking the Arctic Ocean, while the provinces are located in the south.

⛰ The ten provinces

It is home to two large, pristine UNESCO-listed parks interspersed with beautiful Lake Louise.

Vancouver is the most multi-ethnic city in Canada.

Red beaches and lighthouses make this island enchanting, which is well connected to the mainland.

Despite the climate, it is an important province for the country because it is a link between north and south.

The province of the bays, overlooking the Atlantic, has very suggestive beaches.

It is not very populated as a province, but its hilly landscapes are enchanting.

Most populous and popular province due to the presence of the famous Niagara Falls.

A predominantly French-speaking province, Montreal is Canada’s second most populous city.

Nature has the upper hand in this province large prairies and lakes.

It is Canada’s oldest urbanized province.

🏞 The three territories

Home of the Inuit with their typical igloos.

The land of precious stones.

The ideal place for Northern Lights lovers.

Which province to choose?

Given that the Canadian territories have too harsh a climate for most immigrants, the best choice to immigrate to Canada is to move to one of the ten provinces. Choosing which one is not easy, because they all offer great opportunities and breathtaking landscapes.

Each province, precisely because it is autonomously managed, has specific rules for immigration. Even at the level of the local economy, the provinces differ greatly from each other. It is therefore good to choose the destination province based on the transfer needs.

Answering these questions will allow you to understand which province is right for you:

Why do I want to move?

The final destination will change if the reason for the transfer is for study, work or pleasure.

It is good to know, in fact, that the job transfer ensures greater chances of success. In fact, each province implements immigration programs aimed at guaranteeing the occupation by foreigners of jobs vacant for the local economy.

Students also have many options for moving to Canada. The country, in fact, boasts prestigious schools that some foreign students will be lucky enough to attend through specific immigration programs.

Another valid reason for moving to Canada is family reconciliation.

If you have a relative who lives permanently in Canada, it will be very easy for you to immigrate. Your loved one will have to sponsor you, or act as your guarantor for the entire stay, and you will obtain a visa to be able to live, work or study in Canada.

What are my stay requirements?

Do you already have a foothold in Canada or are you looking for somewhere to live?

A very important aspect to keep in mind when choosing the place to move to is the cost of accommodation. It is assumed that you have to rent a house in view of immigration clearance. The average house prices vary greatly from province to province, because the context in which they are inserted also varies. Are you a nature lover or do you love the metropolitan climate?

This is a very important aspect to consider because you may find yourself surrounded by greenery or in a chaotic city. The choice is yours!

To help you make your choice further, here is a list of the average rental prices for a one bedroom apartment in major Canadian cities:

  • Montreal (Quebec): €1,037 per month
  • Charlottetown (Prince Edward Island): €484 per month
  • Vancouver (British Columbia): €1,000 per month
  • Whitehorse (Yukon): €657 per mede

The gap is truly significant, so before submitting your immigration application, carefully evaluate your possibilities and your needs and choose the best province for you.

What requirements do I have?

Immigrate to Canada, unfortunately, does not depend only on your will or your possibilities. In fact, your eligibility will always be decided by the Canadian government.

Each province has specific requirements for the immigrants it intends to welcome, so it is good to check that you have as many as possible to increase the chances of being chosen.

Our advice is not to fixate on one specific province, but broaden your options to three or four, which will broaden your chances of being nominated by at least one of their provincial programs (PNP).

How to increase the probability of being able to move to Canada?

Canada’s immigration bureaucracy is not straightforward. Various steps are required to submit your immigration request and each of which must be flawless in order to obtain a positive response. Normally, those who want to move to Canada make use of an immigration consultancy service that supports them in each of these steps. A good consultant also has the right skills to advise you on the ideal destination, which, based on your peculiarities, will allow you to have a better chance of a successful transfer.

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How to increase the probability of being able to move to Canada?